Real Time Information (RTI) – What Is It and How Can We Help You?

Why has the current reporting system changed?

CBMini LogoReal Time Information (RTI) is a new system that has been introduced by HM Revenue & Customs to improve the current operation of PAYE. It is the biggest change to the PAYE system since 1944, but will mean that HMRC will be able to access information and act on the data they receive much more quickly. This means that HMRC will have the most up to date information available and will be able to deal with individual queries much more effectively. It will also be linked to the new Universal Credits System and will help the Department for Work and Pensions ensure that benefits are paid to the people who need them, accurately and on time. How can we help you? At CB Payroll Services, our qualified team has both the experience and knowledge to ensure that you are fully compliant with Real Time Information (RTI). We will not only be able to manage the administration on your behalf, but we will also ensure that you remain up to date with any changes to legislation. Our payroll software is fully HMRC compliant and able to generate and submit the reports directly to HM Revenue & Customs. We do not require any additional information from you each pay period, all data is submitted using the information you would usually provide to ensure your employees are accurately paid. Our RTI service comes as standard with all of our payroll packages, we do not make any additional charges.