Small Business


99.9% of all private sector businesses are SMEs

...and they account for nearly half of the total private sector turnover. So it is a huge and important sector in the United Kingdom yet a large percentage of owner managed businesses feel that they are ignored and without a voice.

Certainly it is sometimes lonely at the top in an owner managed business and we recognise this at Casson Beckman. Apart from being owner managers ourselves we deal daily with the majority of our clients who fall into the SME bracket. So we identify strongly with a lot of your difficulties and can give you significant help in suggesting ways to survive and thrive. By looking at the key parameters of your business we can see any problems waiting in the wings and can help you come up with the best strategies to keep your business running smoothly and profitably.

Small businesses are classified as having less than 50 employees whilst micro businesses have less than 10. Whilst we have a number of clients who are considerably bigger than this we specialise in looking after the smaller business model.

And as you expand, we can provide you with good advice about many subjects such as exports...