The benefits of using specialist accountants for independent eye care practitioners (opticians) include:

  • We understand the anomalies of VAT, partial exemption and fixed cost appointment
  • If you have disproportionate clinical work, we can find out if you’re working too hard in less than profitable areas
  • We can analyse and help you improve your sales and pricing structure
  • We can help you work out why costs have been rising but sales haven't?
  • We can help you evaluate whether inadequate training is hindering your sales targets.

These and other typical scenarios are found in ophthalmic practises all over the country. As specialist accountants in this area we can evaluate these issues far quicker than non-specialists by looking into solutions that are not readily evident to the untrained eye.


We recognise that things move on quickly in your profession!

Casson Beckman recently acquired a specialist dental accountancy practice bringing a substantial increase in the number of clients which now gives us a considerable presence in the healthcare sector.

However, as with all specialisms, the devil, or in this case the value, is in the detail. Whilst we recognise that all dental practices are unique there is good reason to listen to people who have seen a large number of similar organisations.

Working methods that have been tweaked here and there and proven to be successful can be utilised and introduced in other practices. If you are looking for increased profit when margins are under constant pressure then Casson Beckman’s unique understanding of your profession could make a positive contribution to your practice.

  • Year-end accounts preparation
  • Management accounts preparation
  • Bookkeeping services including software support
  • VAT returns
  • Business review

With a fixed fee structure in place and specialist knowledge just part of the service you cannot afford not to give us a call.