Professional Services

This is a sector close to our hearts as it includes accountants as well as law practitioners, doctors, architects and surveyors, engineers and management, research and technical consultants.

There are over 270 professional associations engaged in furthering the interests of both those engaged within each profession and those that interface with it. The numbers of professionals employed in the UK is numbered at around 3.5 million people.

Recent years have seen declines in numbers due to market conditions making life difficult for all concerned. None of us escape the harsh realities of an economic downturn.

But as we are professionals we often find ourselves in a state of shock if our fortunes seem suddenly compromised and, in this respect, Casson Beckman have plenty of experience in tactfully dealing with the financial management and reorganisations that may well be needed in some practices.

Traditionally, we have always offered assistance in partnership disputes, partnership contracts and agreements, the financial ramifications of limited liability partnerships, partnership mergers and acquisitions and succession and retirement planning.

However, in more recent days we have seen greater needs for basic fiscal policies that require updating such as cash flow management, staffing levels and funding issues.

Call us if you wish to discuss any of these and we promise that our discretion will be as expected of fellow professionals.